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How to Join Longrich in Nigeria

There are a variety method to make passive income from the comfort of  your home legally without haven to spend long hours daily and Longrich company is one of such ways. Learning how to join Longrich in Nigeria is an opportunity for a better life. Longrich products are not just effective, the company has lovely compensation plan to help you make money every week. But before we get to all the juicy opportunities in this programme, know some things about Longrich company.

About Longrich Company

Longrich company otherwise called Longliqi in Chinese language is one of the leading brands in the Cosmetic Industry with over a thousand efficacy products to their prestigious name. Their line of efficacy products are in different categories like household care products, health care products, skin care products, daily care products, etc.

Founded in 1986, Longrich business has grown steadily to become one of the most sort after brand because of the efficacy of their products. And with over 12,000 employees, Longrich company has established herself in the health sector as a force to be reckoned with globally.

Their range of products is wide, and they also produce for most of the top pharmaceutical brands in Nigeria. Because of their commitment to helping people, they have provided an awesome platform for people to join and earn big, plus win international vacations without spending a fortune to become part of the programme.

Longrich products in Nigeria entails all of their products as well since they launched in Nigeria in 2012. Longrich Company has potential direct sales of 70 million populations globally therefore there is an ever increasing demand for their products everywhere.

How Long Rich Membership Works

First of all, if you want all your questions answered in our WhatsApps group by other earners in the programme, Join the group free.Click Here to Join

There are two ways to earn good income after you register with Longrich (You could make up to N500,000 monthly free):

A. Make money from Longrich via profit from product sales

2. Make money from Longrich via Longrich investment plan/Longrich compensation plan (Networking)

When you register with Longrich as a member, you can earn handsomely from selling their hot in demand products. This method is extremely simple to use. The process is creating a Facebook Business Page, posting one bestselling product and start sharing with your friends. To make 500 times the sales you can make from free sharing, you can create cheap Facebook or Instagram advert with N200 (two hundred naira) daily budget for 5 days and reach thousands of people interested in the product.

You would reach thousand of Nigeria who are already searching for Longrich products. Longrich products command high search volume on Google. And if you have no experience with creating a Facebook page and advertising on Facebook, joining our Whatsapp group will grant you access to free simplified tutorial on how to do this. We have created a step by step digital marketing strategy guide/plan to help all our group members succeed and overtake other easily. Step you can easily apply on your phones or laptop to have maximum returns

Alternatively, you can also make lot of money from Longrich networking business (networking plan). This works by referring people to join the programme via your channel. In this current age of social media, with one write up and several shares, you will get members easily. What makes this super seamless is because nobody is paying money into your personal account to join thereby eliminating the fear of fraud. You also have a group to share ideas and learn fast on how to improve your ideas and make them work better. There are over 25 million Nigerians on Facebook alone not to mention those on Instagram, I would say all the odds are clearly in your favour.

How You Benefit From Longrich Marketing Business in Nigeria

1. Join and sell their products for profit (Sell at your own price)

2. Join and register someone in Longrich under you (Get paid on their transactions)

Below is the Exact Way How Longrich Work in Nigeria

  • When you join you get paid on products giving to you at registration stage
  • Anytime you refer or register someone in Longrich, you get paid
  • If any of your down line refers anybody, you get paid
  • Anytime your team members refer anybody, you get paid
  • Anytime you make repeat order, you get paid
  • Anytime your team member makes a repeat order, you get paid
  • When you get to or enter from Q Silver level and above, you get paid on leadership
  • You will be paid on Rankings
  • For any retail order, you get paid


What Else Do I Gain From Longrich Business Plan

  1. Potential gain of six to seven figure weekly income to be made.
  2. Get to shares 1% of Longrich’s monthly sales turnover as a VIP member or Shareholder.
  3. A free brand new car award twice every year for deserving members
  4. Luxury vacations abroad up to 3 times yearly.(All expense paid)
  5. A 4 year Executive MBA programme at REGIS University Colorado USA
  6. Fully funded scholarship for a degree programme for you or a beneficiary of your choice to study in China
  7. Become a Star Directors and get a mansion worth $150 million courtesy Longrich. (That is forty five billion, seven hundred and fifty million naira)

Longrich Nigeria Entry Levels (Registration Plans)

The process of how to join Longrich in Nigeria is a process that is simplified. The simplicity of the process is in harmony with the president’s vision that “Longrich has an ambitious goal of giving each of us not only the chance to live in a harmonious and healthy environment but also build a successful business”.

This why the Longrich registration is free of charcge! All you have to do is buy Products equivalent to the relevant Entry value of your choice.

You can Join Longrich Nigeria in Nigeria at Any of The Listed Entry Levels Below.

1. Vip Membership– 1680PV/  N750,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 1% monthly global shares (sales NOT profit) from over 100 countries.

Earns 12% weekly bonuses from team’s activities.

2. Platinuim Membership – 720PV/ N 320,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 12% weekly from team’s activities.

3. Gold Membership 240PV/ N 100,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 10% weekly from team’s activities.

4. Silver Membership 120PV/ N 50,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earns 8% weekly from team’s activities.

5. Fast Rick Pack Promo – N 40,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Earn 8,000 Naira instantly for every new referal no matter the number.

Weekly bonuses.

6. Q-Silver – N 25,000

Exclusive Key benefits

Products worth over N 50,000

7. Student Plan – N 9,800


What Makes Longrich Business Different

  • Very Unique products with high rate of efficacy
  • There is no entry or registration fee to join Longrich in nigeria
  • There are no targets for you to meet
  • There is no compulsory Auto ship
  • There is no waiting till award date is fixed to get incentives
  • No points removing
  • Longrich Nigeria compensation plan system pays u weekly even while asleep
  • There are no penalty for none repeat purchase
  • There is no retirement from making money in Longrich Business
  • Pressure elimination (Work at your own pace)
  • There is no age limit
  • You could start today and overtake your entire group
  • Mouthwatering international trip awards
  • Exotic cars awards and more.

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