How to Join Longrich International Business in Africa 2021

Discover how you can build wealth with Longrich awesome business opportunity. See why both young and old, all over the world, are doing so well in the Longrich  programme.

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Searching for a genuine and easy way to make money online or from your home can be stressful. Maybe you just want to create a side hustle to take care of bills or setup another viable stream of income. Even if you are a stay at home mum who just want to earn money without having to leave your house, Longrich is a sure bet for you.

Longrich business has lifted so many lives from poverty and lack and they are getting better. One of the reason so many celebrities are in Longrich business today is because their busy schedule does not affect their earning potential.

In fact if you are in the right group, you will get all the help you need to start earning immediately.

Longrich platform is a business established to inform, educate, and empower millions of people all over the world to attain sustainable financial freedom. Longrich business model can be implemented by anybody and succeed whether old and young.

About Longrich Business

Longrich company otherwise called Longliqi in Chinese language is one of the leading brands in the Cosmetic Industry with over a thousand efficacy products to their prestigious name. Their line of efficacy products are in different categories like household care products, health care products, skin care products, daily care products, etc.

Founded in 1986, Longrich business has grown steadily to become one of the most sort after brand because of the efficacy of their products. And with over 12,000 employees, Longrich company has established herself in the health sector as a force to be reckoned with globally.

The Longrich Company has potential direct sales of 70 million populations globally therefore there is an ever increasing demand for their products everywhere.


  • Master of Business Administration
  • Representative of Peoples Congress Jiangsu Province 10 & 11
  • Executive Director Cleaning Products Association Industry China
  • Director of Daily Chemical Association Industry of Jiangsu Province
  • Most Influential People in Chinese Cosmetics
  • Most Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur of the World Economy
  • Top Ten Most Charity Value People Award
  • Vice-President of 17th China Beauty Expo Brand Union

The Company has been involved in traditional selling of products until July 2009 when it was licensed by the Ministry of Commerce for direct selling (multi level Marketing). With this achievement, Longrich has provided thousands of high achievers who have dreams for better life and future the opportunity to make their dreams come to past.

Longrich also produces for other top multinational companies like:

  • GSK
  • AVON

Longrich Products


Longrich boasts of a wide range of products for daily care, health and beauty and they are:

  • Toothpaste
  • Mouth Freshener
  • Soap
  • Cream
  • Alkaline Cup
  • Calcium
  • Pantyliner
  • Sanitary Pad
  • Slimming tea
  • Mosquito Repellent etc
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How to Solve Problems and Make Money With Longrich


There are basically two ways to make a lot of money from the Longrich business and they are:

I. Make Money By Solving Health Problems

II. Make Money By Solving Money Problems

Longrich has products that solves almost every kind of health problem. There are combination products for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Rheumatism, Weight Loss, Stretch Marks, Eye Problems, Infertility etc. Now what does this mean for you? If you are thinking about just what I am thinking, you can help people solve their problems using the Longrich products and make good money.

… good thing is that you don’t need to go hawk the products on the street to  make sales. You can simply set up a Facebook Ad campaign from the comfort of your home and get people to place an order for your products. If you learn how to use the Facebook ads manager, then you can sell hundreds of products every month.

As a Longrich partner, your second job is to help people solve their money problems. What do I mean? Let’s say you sell a product for High Blood Pressure to someone and he gets better, you can advice him to share his story with his friends and family. By doing this, Longrich will pay him when he successfully gets anyone to register and use the products.

There are lots of people out there looking for alternative ways to make money, all you need do is to recommend the Longrich business to them and you’d get paid for doing that. Teach them how to start and grow their business, as your team grows you’d make a lot of money.

Proof of Earnings…

How You Benefit From Longrich Marketing Business


1. Join and sell their products for profit (Sell at your own price)

2. Join and register someone in Longrich under you (Get paid on their transactions)

Below is the Exact Way How Longrich Work in Africa
  • When you join you get paid on products giving to you at registration stage
  • Anytime you refer or register someone in Longrich, you get paid
  • If any of your down line refers anybody, you get paid
  • Anytime your team members refer anybody, you get paid
  • Anytime you make repeat order, you get paid
  • Anytime your team member makes a repeat order, you get paid
  • When you get to or enter from Q Silver level and above, you get paid on leadership
  • You will be paid on Rankings
  • For any retail order, you get paid


What Else Do I Gain From Longrich Business Plan
  1. Potential gain of six to seven figure weekly income to be made.
  2. Get to shares 1% of Longrich’s monthly sales turnover as a VIP member or Shareholder.
  3. A free brand new car award twice every year for deserving members
  4. Luxury vacations abroad up to 3 times yearly.(All expense paid)
  5. A 4 year Executive MBA programme at REGIS University Colorado USA
  6. Fully funded scholarship for a degree programme for you or a beneficiary of your choice to study in China
  7. Become a Star Directors and get a mansion worth $150 million courtesy Longrich. (That is forty five billion, seven hundred and fifty million naira)

Longrich Business Entry Levels…


It is very easy to become a Longrich member.

Registration is free. Purchase of products worth any of our entry levels validates your membership.


Student package: (4PV)
Qsilver level: (60PV). Earn 8% of referrals.
Silver level: (120PV). Earn 8% of referral PVs.
Gold level: (240PV). Earn 10% of referral PVs.
Platinum level: (720PV). Earn 12% of referral PVs.
VIP level: (1,680PV). Earn 12% of referral PVs + a share of 1% global PVs.

As a member, you will have a membership code with which you can keep track of all purchases, referrals, and bonuses/incentives using our online portal (aka back office).

For further information, click here to get in touch.

Longrich Entry Levels in Nigeria And Ghana

Over 180 countries all over the world have country specific entry levels, however here are some samples of entry levels of some countries. Contact us for your country specific entry levels

How to Register…


Signing up for the Longrich business is simple. You choose from any of the entry levels above, then click here to chat with us on the WhatsApp group so you can be registered and start making money from the program.

The Longrich business is an amazing opportunity, as a matter of fact you can earn hundreds of thousands every Thursday as a partner with Longrich. You actually don’t have to quit your day job or business to do this, you only require a few hours to promote your business online and we will show you exactly how its done once you join.

Abraham Lincoln once said,

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Therefore do something today that your future self will thank you for with Longrich business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Longrich Business


How much is Longrich registration fees?

Longrich business registration at all level is FREE. You only pay for products.

What can i do for the products you get after registration?

Sell them at your own price or use them.

Who can i sell the products to?

Anyone. Longrich products are hot-in-demand products because of their efficacy.

What are the Longrich products?

Longrich Berry Oil
Longrich Arthro Super Revive
Longrich Mosquito Repellent
Longrich Toothpaste
Longrich Alkaline Cup
Longrich Panty Liner
Longrich Bamboo Soap
Longrich Calcium (160 Tablets)
Longrich Sliming Tea
Longrich Blood Reducing Fat (Tianjiang Tea)
Longrich Green Tea ( Xinchan Tea)
Longrich Shampoo
Longrich Cordyceps Militaris
Longrich Sanitary Napkin
Longrich Cordyceps Militaris Coffee
Longrich Nutri V Rich Blue
Longrich Mouth Fresheners
Longrich Nutri V Rich Pink
Longrich Fertility Supplement Male (Libao)
Longrich Fertility Supplement (Female: Mengqian Capsule)
Longrich Alkaline Cup
Longrich Energy Pot
Longrich Baby Body Wash
Longrich Antiperspirant Dew
Longrich Sod Cream

How can i grow in Longrich business

You grow buy either selling their products or just referring people to join or both.

How can i register Longrich online?

To register online click here to get started

How i register someone in Longrich

To register someone in Longrich is simple. You can either register them yourself as your “downline” or ask them to register with your unique referral code.

What is Longrich marketing business

Longrich marketing business is an opportunity to make money with Longrich either as a distributor of their products or by referring someone.

Join the Longrich International Business Network this period and qualify for the 2021 car funds awards.

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